Hi There!

I have an impressively vast well of knowledge and experience from over 2 decades as a Museum Curator + Director, Archivist, Historic Preservationist, and DIY-er (okay, that last one is going on 4 decades…)

These days, I develop proven strategies for U.S. Museums and other non profit organizations to gain recognition and meet national accreditation and ethics standards.

I also create outstanding brand identities, social media accounts, and websites.

When I’m not elbows deep reconciling a museum’s multiple and overlapping (but not exact duplicate !w#t$f%) copies of their collection records or writing gobbledygook (my ultra cool term for css and html), you can find me hiking with my family, learning a new skill (parenting and video gaming*), or reading sci-fi adventures while sipping brandy.
Oh. And I write a personal blog with my husband about life on our San Antonio area ‘burbstead’ (suburban + homestead).

*Yes. I was that kid who spent their allowance on books instead of toys…